About Take Back the Flag

Take Back the Flag is a patriotically progressive and optimistic political blog. This project emerged from constant frustration of fear politics, smear tactics, and the abduction of patriotism and all related concepts by forces bent on preventing progress in America.

On July 3, 2007, suggestions to friends and family to proudly display the American flag on the Fourth of July were met with rebuke; for the flag was seen as a symbol of support for the conservative agenda in America, including at the time, George W. Bush’s reckless onslaughts across the globe. The flag and patriotism imply no such thing, and any association must be dissolved. America is a progressive nature, born from a fight against the unacceptable status quo.

Take Back the Flag is politically liberal, and the focus is supporting progressive policies and candidates while objecting to conservative principles. Yet this position does not prevent criticism of the Democratic party, it’s principles, or it’s policies.

Comments are open on Take Back the Flag. Participation is encouraged because restoring the flag as a symbol of progress, or at the least, a partisan-free symbol of America, takes a united effort.

Contact Take Back the Flag:  info@takebacktheflag.com

Founded July 2007 by Aaron Robinson in Washington, D.C., while a student at Washington University in St. Louis.


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